Clients who really want you there!

There are many fantastic things about being a self-employed HR consultant, and I talked about our top ten a short while ago, but something I was discussing in more detail with someone recently was the difference in attitude I’ve found to HR. I’m realistic, and regardless of how many business benefits I could reel off about having good HR support, I know that many managers, directors and employees see HR as a necessary evil rather than something they like to have around. They’re all wrong of course, but let’s get real, that’s how HR are seen a lot of the time.

Any decent HR professional will know this and work hard to establish themselves in the organisation they work for, perhaps putting in place “quick wins” to enhance their perceived value, working hard to understand the business, gain the trust of senior management and get to a point where their advice is actively sought on commercial business decisions rather than just when there’s an issue that needs dealing with. What our consultants have found since working with small business clients is that this hurdle is much smaller and less of a factor, particularly as our marketing model is such that it attracts clients who are ready and willing to seek out HR services to come to you, rather than you having to find small businesses, convince them why they need HR and then convince them why they need you in particular.

As well as the nice commercial benefits of this system, and the time-saving aspect (who wants to spend hours and hours trying to convince small business owners that they need HR?), one lovely benefit is that our consultants’ clients actively want them there. They really listen to their advice, they act upon it, and some go so far as to seek out their views on commercial decisions in terms of directions to take in developing their business rather than just the purely HR aspects.

This is not a benefit our consultants particularly considered when making the decision to leave employment and go it alone, but it’s a real factor in how personally satisfying they have found their decision. Much more enjoyable all round!

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