Fixed fee packages…

If you’re looking to control your costs and don’t want the worry of your bill going up every time you have a query, you could take advantage of one of our fixed fee packages.

Taking on your first employee?

If you’re about to become an employer for the first time and feeling confused about what you need to do and what your obligations are, help is at hand!

We’ve developed a package of support to ensure you have all the basics in place for your new staff member. If you’re keen to do the right thing but also conscious of escalating costs at this early stage of your business, our first employee package is for you.

In addition to an hour’s expert advice from your local consultant, who can answer all of your employment law and other people-related questions, you’ll get the following:

A comprehensive manager’s guide to taking on your first employee.

A bespoke contract of employment drafted to meet your business needs.

Policies on discipline and grievance.

An employee privacy notice to meet your GDPR requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about this offer, including costs, please click  below to find your local face2faceHR consultant.

Redundancy package for small businesses

There are going to be some challenging times in the life of any business and making redundancies can be a particularly difficult process to have to go through, especially if you’re not sure where to start.

If you’re worried about getting yourself into legal hot water through not knowing all about selection criteria, consultation and redundancy pay, we’ve developed a package of support for small business owners needing to make fewer than 20 redundancies.

As with all our services, you’ll work closely with a named consultant who will discuss exactly what your situation is, understand why you need to make redundancies and will advise on how to do this safely. They can also explore whether there are any alternatives to redundancy and how these could work.

They won’t recommend long-winded procedures that might be more appropriate in a big organisation, instead they’ll guide you through a process that is legally sound but is also realistic and designed to be as pain-free as possible for everyone involved.

You’ll also get the following resources:

Manager’s guide to redundancies

Template selection criteria grid

Redundancy pay calculator

Step-by-step timeline of what needs to happen

Scripts for meetings to make sure everything is covered

Consultation meeting checklist

If you’d like to find out more about this offer, please click below to find your local face2faceHR consultant