Ten reasons why educating is so much more powerful than advertising

One of the things I and my team spend many hours doing each month is preparing educational content for our consultants. They get free downloads on a monthly theme, articles, case studies, FAQs, and pages and pages of social media posts, as well as images to go with it.

But why is that so important? Couldn’t we spend that time and money on adverts instead? We could, but in fact educating is far more powerful than advertising when it comes to HR consultancy – here are ten reasons why.

1. Builds trust and credibility

Small business owners often grapple with challenges they aren’t equipped to handle. By providing them with informative and educational content, HR consultants establish themselves as trusted experts in the field. This trust can be the foundation for a long-lasting business relationship.

2. Addressing real issues

Advertisements often emphasise what a service or product can do, but they may not always address the ‘why.’ Educational content delves into the real issues small businesses face, offering solutions and insights. It shows potential clients that you understand their challenges deeply and can provide genuine solutions.

3. Positioning as an industry thought leader

By consistently producing high-quality educational content, HR consultants can position themselves as thought leaders in the industry. This reputation can lead to referrals, invitations to speak at events, and other opportunities to expand one’s network and influence.

4. Long-term engagement

While ads might generate quick leads, educational content fosters long-term engagement. Webinars, workshops, articles, and e-books offer value over time, making it more likely that potential clients will return to your platform repeatedly, increasing their familiarity with your services.

5. Leveraging SEO benefits

Search engines prioritise content that provides value. By focusing on educational content that addresses common questions or challenges faced by small businesses, HR consultants can improve their search engine rankings, leading to increased organic traffic.

6. Creating shareable content

Educational content, whether it’s a compelling infographic, a detailed case study, or an insightful video, is more likely to be shared by its readers. This amplifies reach, introduces your services to a wider audience, and enhances brand visibility.

7. Nurturing leads

The modern customer journey is no longer linear. Prospective clients might engage with multiple pieces of content before deciding to take action. Educational content serves as a nurturing tool, guiding potential clients down the funnel towards conversion.

8. Differentiating from competitors

In a saturated market, differentiation is key. While many might be advertising their services, offering actionable, value-driven educational content can set an HR consultant apart from the crowd.

9. Encouraging client preparedness

An informed client is often easier to work with. When small business owners have engaged with educational content, they have a better understanding of their needs and the potential solutions, making the consultancy process smoother and more efficient.

10. Fostering community

Educational platforms—like webinars or workshops—often foster a sense of community. They provide a space for business owners to interact, share challenges, and learn together. Being the facilitator of such platforms can position the HR consultant as a central figure in this community.

While advertising has its place in the marketing arsenal, the shift towards education-centric strategies is more than just a trend—it’s a reflection of what modern clients seek. For HR consultants serving small businesses, embracing an educational approach is not only forward-thinking but also ensures they’re genuinely adding value, fostering trust, and building lasting relationships.

At face2faceHR we provide a detailed marketing calendar and loads of pre-designed and pre-written educational content for our consultants to use in their marketing, as well as presentations, factsheets and quizzes. If you’d like to find out more about working with us as a self-employed consultant, download our prospectus and then get in touch for a chat.