Connected and supported: how working with face2faceHR prevents the isolation of self-employment

Embarking on a journey as a self-employed HR consultant can be an exhilarating venture, offering autonomy and personal fulfilment. However, a common concern you might have is the potential isolation that often accompanies self-employment.

Our HR franchise model ensures that you never feel alone on this journey, providing a supportive and connected community every step of the way.

1. Built-in support network

Our franchise provides an instant network of fellow HR professionals and franchisees. This community becomes your sounding board, offering advice, sharing experiences, and providing moral support. Regular meetings and social events help foster strong relationships among franchisees, ensuring you always have a cohort to turn to.

2. Ongoing training and professional development

We believe in continuous learning and growth. Our franchise model includes regular training sessions and drop-in webinars, keeping you connected with the latest HR trends and practices. This not only enhances your professional skills but also ensures regular interaction with your peers.

3. Access to support from the face2faceHR team

Our central support team are always on hand to assist you. Whether you need advice on client matters, marketing support, or administrative guidance, we’re just a call or email away. This support system ensures that you have the expertise and help you need, whenever you need it. And we have a “no question is too silly” policy!

4. Mentorship opportunities

For those who are new to self-employment or the HR consultancy field, our franchise offers valuable mentoring with me. This provides you with a trusted advisor to guide you through the initial stages of your business and beyond, ensuring you never feel isolated in your decision-making, as well as useful access to HR and employment law advice.

6. Technology and communication platforms

We leverage modern technology and communication platforms to keep our franchise network connected. Regular newsletters, Slack chats and a WhatsApp group ensure that you’re always just a click away from interacting with your peers and staying engaged with the franchise community.

7. Conferences

We host regular conferences that provide an excellent opportunity for franchisees to connect, learn, and share experiences. These events are not just learning platforms but also social gatherings, fostering a sense of belonging and community among our franchisees. It’s a great opportunity to get away from the ins and outs of running your business and to benefit from that sense of ‘togetherness’.

Choosing our HR franchise means choosing a path where you’re self-employed but never alone. Our supportive network, ongoing training, mentorship opportunities, and collaborative environment ensure that you have all the benefits of independence without the downsides of isolation.

Would you like to feel connected and supported? At face2faceHR we’ve said goodbye to the isolation of self-employment! Download our prospectus or get in touch for a chat to find out more.