Social media content for partners

One of the key parts of our marketing model is a social media profile. Social media needs to be used in a certain way to be effective in our business and we provide training on how to do that; how to use a social media presence to leverage the clients and recommendations you need.

But our philosophy is always about saving partners time so that they can use their valuable time on the things that really matter, so one of the crucial things we provide is content.

We provide articles on our website every week carefully written to appeal to small business clients, on subjects they want to hear about. We theme these monthly to maximise how effectively the articles can be used by partners in social media; when they do in-person marketing; with clients and contacts and in other activities.

We also provide reams of tweets and short status updates which can be used by partners in conjunction with their personal updates, so that partners have a steady stream of information designed to engage with clients and enhance their credibility without having to spend time thinking it all up themselves. These are divided by subject matter and are easy to source and select, minimising the amount of time an effective social media profile takes, leaving our partners more time for fee earning and maximising the effectiveness of their marketing plan.

If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR, do get in touch.