Documents database

One of the crucial things for us is saving time for our partners, to make sure they spend as much of their time as possible out doing the stuff that brings in the money.

A big part of that is our documents database. Over the last few years we’ve developed a large database of template documents, contracts, policies, forms, letters, agreements, guidance notes and procedures all tailored to the needs of small businesses and ready to be amended and developed to fit the needs of clients.

Drafting all these from scratch is incredibly time consuming, and keeping them updated with frequently changing legal and best practice requirements is a huge ongoing task. We take care of all that, to make client work as efficient and profitable as possible for our partners, while ensuring standards, quality and effectiveness of documents drafted for clients is second to none.

Many HR professionals accumulate example documents during their career, from different employers they’ve worked for, and most self-employed consultants will start with these as a base for drafting for new clients rather than literally starting from a blank piece of paper.

That’s all well and good, but documents drafted for previous employers are unlikely to be suitable for your new small business clients in terms of content level, tone and practical application. They also may be out of date.

Our documents have been drafted specifically with small business clients in mind, and are realistic, practical and in a tone that works for them. While one of our key principles is tailored advice, including producing employment documentation that meets the specific needs of each client, it is much easier to do this starting from a base of documents that is nearer what the client needs than something that was produced for a big corporate employer in the first place.

We’re constantly adding to the database, but if partners find they are needing something that isn’t on there yet, we’ll draft something and add it in. If legislation or case law requires an update to documents, we’ll do that and make sure partners are aware so that they can amend clients’ documents and use the correct version for new clients.

It’s all about time efficiency, giving you better work-life balance and making more profit from your time.

If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR, do get in touch.