Research and development at face2faceHR

To be an effective business of any kind you need to stay on top of the research and development side, and of course this applies to HR consultancies as well. But who has time for this when you’re trying to get clients in the door and do the stuff which actually pays the bills?!

As a partner with face2faceHR, we take care of this type of thing for you. We are continually researching the marketplace, researching user feedback about products, developing new products, consulting partners on products and researching into current trends in HR and SME behaviour. This means products and services, and how these are delivered and priced, can be constantly reviewed to ensure they are exactly what your potential clients need, that they appeal to them appropriately and entice them to buy from you, and are delivered in such a way to ensure repeat business and competitive fees.

For example, a key trend such as social media in HR for small businesses led us to develop a training course that partners can deliver to clients on the subject, and we have managers’ guidance notes on many subjects, developed as a result of feedback and research into what clients want. This all gives you a head start compared to consultants who are operating on their own.

Similarly, we are constantly monitoring, researching and briefing on case law, legislation and current thinking in terms of employment law and small business, to keep you updated on developments and guide you on how to brief your clients, how to draft and amend documents in line with legislation and ensure you give accurate up to date advice. Our guidance for you in terms of legislation and case law changes is tailored to the kind of situation you will find and queries you will get from your clients in relation to the subject, and is not generic factual advice about legal developments.

This all frees you up to concentrate on fee-paying work and enables you to be confident you’re offering the right products, giving value for money and giving a high-quality service.

If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR, do get in touch.