So what is face2faceHR all about?

Working as a partner with face2faceHR you need to identify with and work with our ethos and values, understand how we work with clients, what our priorities are and what approach we take to the issues you’ll face in running your business. So here’s some more information to help you understand exactly what we’re all about.

Tailored approach

Every decision we make is based upon our customers business needs. We strive to listen, responding compassionately, quickly and decisively with a tailored HR solution that fits with our clients business at that time.

Clients get a personal service from an HR consultant they know and trust, and who knows and understands their business and their particular challenges.

This is not about generic advice on what the law says, or a helpline giving brief advice without a genuine understanding of the situation, this is about understanding that each client is different, and giving tailored advice relevant to that particular client to get them the result they need.


To achieve excellence we provide a quality of service, advice and guidance which is unusually good, surpassing ordinary standards. We believe the route to achieving this goal is through solid HR qualifications, ongoing personal development and business experience. Our consultants are of a very high standard and inspire confidence with their knowledge and the quality of their advice.


The cornerstones of credibility are trustworthiness and expertise. Trust is earned through a consistent delivery of effective HR solutions. By listening to our customers, we show we care about their businesses, by responding effectively to what we hear, we deliver expertise. We don’t recommend solutions or products which are not right for the client. We encourage clients to make decisions about managing their people, but in a fully informed way. We give them options for achieving the results they want, while using our experience and knowledge to highlight risks and possible outcomes to ensure they make the right decisions for them. We deal with clients in a friendly, open, down-to-earth way, showing empathy and understanding for their situation and encouraging honesty and a straightforward approach to people management without reliance on jargon and theory.

We’ve made a conscious decision not to offer any kind of legal cover or tribunal insurance arrangement as we think this is bad for small businesses and doesn’t fit with our values. Here’s why.

If you feel these values are something you believe in and can work with, why not get in touch to find out more about becoming a partner with face2faceHR.