A sense of pride in business ownership

I’m enormously proud of being a business owner, and I get a great sense of achievement in watching the business grow and develop. I have seen it starting from nothing, and it has grown and changed over the years.

But I also get a great sense of pride in watching our franchise partners’ businesses develop. Although they work with us, they are still all business owners in their own right. They are all either owners of limited companies or registered sole traders, and it’s their own HR consultancy they are running.

What we aim to do is provide a framework for growing their own business. We provide a proven brand under which they can grow that business. We give them lots of guidance and support in what they are doing and training in how to grow their business as quickly and successfully as possible. We do a lot of things that business owners need to usually do themselves or outsource elsewhere, and provide valuable feedback, input and opinions.

And of course, in order to protect the brand, we do place certain restrictions on what our franchise partners can do. But we try to keep these to a minimum, and allow more freedom than other similar franchise arrangements, because we value individual expertise and experience, and because we think it’s important that franchise partners retain that sense of pride in business ownership.

If you want to feel the pride of owning your own HR consultancy and growing it with the support and confidence that comes with working with us, do get in touch.