The strength of many hands lifting you up

I think one of the biggest ‘selling points’ of working with face2faceHR is actually nothing to do with me at all, and nothing really to do with any of the resources and other support we provide. It’s the other consultants. There is something astonishing and impactful about the support they give each other, and it adds so much value to what we do.

They share and celebrate each other’s successes – getting a new client and sharing that on our WhatsApp group results in much celebration and woohoo-ing! Resolving a challenging grievance that has been draining and difficult, or finishing a big project would also be celebrated.

If one of them is taking a step out of their comfort zone and doing something eek-worthy in their marketing, like appearing on radio or doing their first video, they will be encouraged and wished luck. If they need ideas for their latest one-minute pitch, many will be forthcoming.

Sometimes ethical dilemmas are explored, and welcome counsel given about when to step away from a client, or how to approach a delicate or unusual situation.

There is banter, virtual wine-drinking, commiseration about the latest change to furlough rules, frustrations vented and excitement shared.

And the support and welcome they provide to ‘newbies’ is exceptional.  As soon as a new consultant is confirmed, and before they launch their business, I add them to the group so they can start getting to know everyone, and it works brilliantly. They immediately feel part of a team, and have colleagues they can ask those ‘no question too stupid’ queries and recommendations. And it’s always nice to see my advice being backed up and new consultants reassured that ‘it works’ and ‘Eleanor is right’ during those early days of uncertainty!

Retaining that ‘family’ dynamic is incredibly important to me. One of the reasons it works so well is that I only work with new franchisees I am convinced share our values and our ethos of down to earth, friendly, approachable, realistic and, to an extent, no-nonsense HR. That means they also ‘fit’ really well with the team, and while everyone has a different background, different strengths and areas of expertise, the collective pool of experience, knowledge and skills is incredibly powerful.

So if you are interested in self-employed consultancy but would benefit from the strength and support of a friendly group of people who know exactly what you’re going through, and will support you through the highs and lows, maybe working with us and benefiting from one of our biggest assets might be something to consider!

If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR, with bags of support, do get in touch.