Our tone of voice when working with clients

One of the things we’ve found clients most appreciate is the fact that we give advice and guidance about what can be a very dry and tedious subject in a down-to-earth, relaxed and realistic way. We continue this approach throughout all our communications including our newsletters, our managers guides and our articles.

Although it’s obviously important to be professional at all times, clients are often looking for someone who can talk about their people issues in plain English, not use scary legal language, or give information about legislation and case law that they really don’t need.

Clients want to know what they must do, what it’s advisable to do, and in terms of legal updates, how something will affect them and what action they must therefore take. When making decisions about how to proceed in a difficult case, they want realistic advice from someone about how to get the end result they want, and need to feel confident that the person will advise them within the existing legal restrictions. They don’t need the legal details.

Clients don’t engage well with someone who seems aloof, or too technical, and are also less likely to feel comfortable sharing their genuine thoughts about a situation with someone who doesn’t come across as friendly, accessible and non-judgemental.

So we encourage a down-to-earth approach to small business HR, and don’t seek to work with any partners we feel won’t be comfortable or credible with this.

If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR, with bags of support, do get in touch.