Getting to problems early is key

Something that can be a frequent frustration in HR is a failure from managers to let you know about a problem early enough. With virtually any staff management challenge, dealing with it early and in the right way is absolutely key to successfully addressing it and minimising negative impact.

HR professionals often spend too much time “walking back” things that haven’t been done correctly, or advising managers that because they haven’t raised issues previously, or commenced a formal procedure, they are not nearly as close to dealing with problems as they think they are.

Many of our consultants’ clients are on our retainer service, FACEit, which means they pay a monthly or annual fee for unlimited advice. This firstly means that they do not need to clock watch and can feel free to pick up the phone early on, even if something feels minor.

But even more significantly, as part of the FACEit service, the client benefits from quarterly review meetings. These meetings offer the opportunity to have a proactive discussion about how things are going, and identify any upcoming issues early on. Sometimes clients don’t even know that something might become an issue, but through discussion their consultant will be able to identify key triggers in what is being said and put plans in place to avoid issues arising or deal with them promptly and effectively.

This is important in any business, but given the significant and even devastating impact difficult HR challenges can have on small businesses, with our consultants’ clients it’s even more crucial. Plus it makes their lives easier as well!  

If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR with bags of support, do get in touch.