Developing video content – what makes you stop scrolling?

Video is a great marketing tool for HR consultants. It gives potential clients and potential referrers the ability to see and experience you from a safe distance, and lowers the psychological hurdle significantly. People start to feel they know you a little without you having actually had any direct contact with them, and it makes you more approachable.

But many really struggle with knowing what on earth to say in a video (which also gives a little bit of an excuse for not doing something many would prefer to avoid….!). So where to start?

I think a really useful exercise as a starting point when coming up with ideas for videos of your own is to consider your own behaviour, your own responses to content shared by others. When scrolling through your own social media, what makes you stop scrolling? Obviously the subject material might be different, but you can identify the kinds of video titles that get your attention and consider how to phrase your own subject material in a similarly enticing way.

You can think about the length – do you scroll on by videos that you can see are too long? How long do you watch a video for before clicking off, and what makes you keep watching? And what about the visuals- what makes you stop scrolling and watch a video?

In terms of subject material, consider what you might look for on a search engine. It’s really common to put in actual questions as search terms now. Such as ‘what makes a good video’, for example…. What kinds of things do you search for – think about the level of detail you’re looking for – do you search for ‘marketing tips’, or do you phrase your searches in more detailed specific terms, such as ‘how do I market effectively to small business owners’? When you search for something, it’s likely that videos answering your specific question will get you clicking and watching.

Now put yourself in the position of your ideal client or referrer. What questions are they likely to ask? What problems do they have that you would know the answer to?

You should now be able to develop a list of potential video titles, and have an idea of how long videos should be and what will grab people’s attention.  A very common mistake is to try to say too much in a video, so you will probably need to narrow down your list of titles and make them even more specific, which is great because it will expand your list of options significantly.

Now all you need to do is get recording – practice makes perfect!

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