Being part of something bigger vs going it on your own

One of my favourite things to do is to have conversations with HR professionals who have expressed an interest in working with us. It’s always interesting hearing about their motivations, their experiences, what they are looking for and what their impressions are about face2faceHR.

There are many factors they identify as being potential benefits, which is of course why we are having the conversation in the first place, but an interesting one I hear relatively often, that isn’t necessarily as obvious or predictable as some of the other benefits, is the attraction of being part of something bigger.

There is a synergy, and a strong empowering feeling that comes from feeling part of something good that is bigger than oneself. Although we’re growing fast, we are still relatively small as a consultancy group, and there are significant advantages to the size and to our culture as well. We are small enough that everyone knows each other, and that each consultant feels they have a voice, and are part of the growth of face2faceHR as a whole.

This is particularly true about those who have been with us longest – they have been a vital part of our growth and it has felt like we have grown together. But even those who haven’t been with us that long feel there are benefits to being part of something that is growing, and is the perfect size for them to have a voice and feel their input makes a difference (something we prioritise), and to feel pride as we grow and bring what we do to more small businesses.

As well as that sense of pride in collective achievement, there are obviously commercial benefits to being part of something bigger than just a one man band. For newer consultants especially, being part of a well-established consultancy with an excellent reputation adds enormous weight and credibility to their offering in those early days- something they wouldn’t get if they were entirely on their own. Potential clients can often find the concept of an established, tried-and-tested, experienced consultancy reassuring, in circumstances where someone who is just starting out and is on their own might feel more of a risk.

And of course the increased buying power, structure, systems, experience, knowledge and training they get from being part of face2faceHR can also give their consultancy a huge boost in terms of earning potential and timeline to profitability.

But whilst there are clearly some specific commercial benefits (and of course those matter a great deal – starting an HR consultancy is a commercial venture and it needs to make money!), for me the most powerful advantage is that collective sense of achievement and uplifting support – it’s something I take enormous pride in!

If you’d like to know more about working with us and being part of something bigger, do get in touch.