Demonstrating value

Getting clients as a self-employed HR professional is one thing, but if you want to keep them it’s crucial they feel they are getting value from your services. That doesn’t mean feeling they are getting a cheap deal, it means ensuring they feel that they are benefiting from you.

Here are four tips to ensure your clients feel they are getting value and stick with you in the long-term.

Demonstrate expertise and experience at every opportunity

Propose solutions, identify issues they may not have thought about and ensure every conversation you have with the client results in them feeling better-informed, more relaxed, confident and reassured.

Relay examples of previous similar scenarios you’ve been involved in so that they are reassured that you have dealt successfully with the issue before.

Be confident in the advice you are giving, not vague or unsure. Don’t leave the client feeling they cannot 100% rely on your advice.

Demonstrate that you have a good understanding of their business

Acknowledge in conversations/emails the particular concerns that relate to the client’s business, industry or sector, reminding the client that you are not giving generic advice, and have a genuine understanding of their business and their needs.

Be sure the client knows you are genuinely considering their individual needs and circumstances. Ask questions to gain a greater understanding and reflect that in the advice you give.

Keep in touch

Keeping in touch regularly will remind clients that you are there and thinking about them and their business. Don’t just wait for them to contact you.

Provide excellent service

Goes without saying, but respond promptly to requests for assistance, particularly those that are urgent. It doesn’t mean being available 24 hours a day, but getting back to clients as soon as you can, which might mean sending a quick “I’ve seen it” acknowledgement email, giving them an idea of when you might be available to talk, or to respond more fully.


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