Working differently with each client

At face2faceHR we’re all about a personal approach. We get to know clients and offer tailored advice based on their individual circumstances. We don’t do generic advice on what the law says about any given situation, we give specific advice on how that particular client can achieve their objective effectively.

But our personal approach doesn’t just apply to tailoring advice to the given situation, it also applies to how we work with individual clients. By getting to know each client, we find out what makes them tick, what their priorities are, and how they are most receptive to the advice we give.

We can find out which problems crop up frequently and identify proactive solutions to those problems. We can get to know whether a client prefers email or telephone as a method of communication. Do they prefer to just contact us as and when there is an issue, or would they benefit from a regular call to prompt them to discuss things?

How much detail do they like to receive in advice they get? Specifics about the legal background and requirements, or simply a need-to-know list of things to do without the reasons why? Are they likely to react in a measured, calm and appropriate way in the event of a drama unfolding, or might they fly off the handle? Do they take their business and therefore issues with staff very personally?

We can find out about their staff – how receptive are they likely to be to consultation? Do they respond better to specific rules or earned goodwill and trust in terms of managing their behaviour and working arrangements? We can advise on what management style might bring the best out of them to make our clients’ businesses as high-performing as possible.

This all goes to underline why we take our personal relationship with, and deep understanding of, our clients and their businesses so seriously. It not only enables us to give better HR advice, it enables us to help our clients get the very best out of their staff, themselves and us.

If you’re interested in supporting businesses with a personal approach and tailored advice, do get in touch.