What’s your definition of success?

A wise woman once said to me at a difficult personal time, “Remember everyone’s definition of success is different. At the moment yours is to take time off and recuperate and regroup”.

That stuck with me and has been something I’ve continued to believe in strongly. My own definition of success has changed over the years, sometimes it is a long-term goal and sometimes it’s about short-term changes, improvements or issues.

And it translates to how we work with our consultants. They don’t all have the same definition of success, and what they want to achieve at any given time can change, depending on personal circumstances and priorities. Sometimes they want to grow their business, have a high turnover, get lots of clients, employ people and generally be financially successful. Sometimes they want to maintain a good work-life balance and structure their business to achieve that. Sometimes they need to reduce business activity and get support with that, in order to reflect challenges in their personal life.

A key priority for us is to support our consultants and give them whatever they need to achieve whatever success looks like for them. Sometimes it’s helping them to define it, sometimes it’s providing guidance, advice, tools or just a helping hand.

And it’s not just my priority, or the team here; our consultants all share the same values too, and are so supportive of each other and want to help each other achieve success. And with all of that support behind them, it makes achieving whatever they want that bit easier.

If  your definition of success is to leave an employed role and gain the freedom and independence of your own business, but you’re worried about doing that by yourself, let’s have a chat to see whether we can help you too!