How do we want our clients to feel?

It’s easy to talk about the services we offer, how we deliver them, and our priorities and business ethics, but actually what end result are we looking for with all this? Our priority is the client, and essentially we want to deliver improvement in their situation through provision of our services. That improvement can in some ways be measured financially, but what about how the client actually feels?

The five things listed below are the things we want clients to feel when they come away from any meeting, phone call or email transaction with us. And because the way we work with clients means they do come away feeling those things, this is why clients stay with us, often for years, and recommend us to others.


Confident in our capabilities and expertise, and that they have working for them someone competent and knowledgeable. Confident in the knowledge that any work that has been agreed will be delivered in a timely manner to a high standard, and that any further information that has been promised will be provided.

More informed

This might not necessarily mean technicalities of employment law, but just with a greater understanding of anything that relates to the individual situation, with that greater understanding having been achieved through clear and relevant information-provision, free of jargon and unnecessary detail.

More relaxed

Dealing with employee issues can be enormously stressful for a business owner, especially when it’s clouded by a fog of uncertainly about any legal restrictions or obligations which may be constraining the actions they can take. We want business owners to come away from an interaction with us feeling less stressed about their situation.


With the tools, knowledge, skills and confidence to take any action they need to in respect of an employee situation they are dealing with, or in respect of plans they have to grow or change their business.

Listened to

We pride ourselves on giving tailored advice for each business owner and each individual situation, based on circumstances, context, culture and priorities. To do this business owners need to feel they have been listened to and comfortable that we have understood what they have told us about their business.

If you’re interested in supporting businesses with a personal approach and tailored advice, do get in touch.