The importance of brand

As sophisticated consumers, we are all surrounded by brands, and the choice between brands in our daily lives. Every time we make a purchasing decision, we are consciously or unconsciously influenced by a brand in some way.

Clearly an effective brand is important to marketing. It conveys a message to consumers that influences their decision to buy or not buy. It creates an impression of an organisation, sending a message about its priorities, ethos, approach to whatever its line of business is and how it treats customers.

Brand is something that many self-employed professionals overlook, particularly in the early stages, but it can make a huge difference to the success (or otherwise) of marketing activities.

We have developed a series of brand values and a brand profile and identity after working with a branding specialist. These are designed to reflect our business and to engage with clients and potential clients as well as inspire partners. The development involved research into what clients and contacts are looking for, as well as a very clear understanding of our business priorities in order to determine how to use branding to communicate these priorities most effectively. It’s important our partners are comfortable with the brand they will be selling, so we make sure that is the case when considering a new partner. Some people will not be able to embody the brand, and will therefore be less likely to succeed in their business, and less likely to feel happy as well.

New contacts, clients, potential clients and potential referrers get an impression of face2faceHR when they meet one of our consultants. If the impression they get from the individual is supported, underlined and enhanced by the brand they encounter when looking at our website, online presence and other materials, the overall level of comfort they have in the business is improved.

New partners are given guidance on use of our brand, to ensure consistency of message, and that consistency helps all of them as the brand raises its profile and reputation as a result.  

If you’d like to be part of our brand and work with us, do get in touch.