Marketing training for new consultants

When I speak to HR professionals who are considering self-employment, the consistent main concern they have is marketing. They are fantastic at HR and enthusiastic about the difference they can make to a small business, but are unsure about how to go about getting clients. Most HR people are not natural marketers, but clearly to get to a position where as an HR consultant you are doing what you love, making a difference to small business owners (and making a living at it!), you need effective marketing to get those clients in the door.

This is why a large proportion of the bespoke training we offer to new consultants is on effective marketing. We know exactly which marketing activities work (and which don’t work!) for this type of business, and we train our consultants not only to recognise exactly what those activities are, but exactly how to do them.

It’s the ‘how’ that makes all the difference. Even amongst those self-employed professionals who know or accidentally happen across the ‘right’ marketing activities, many of them don’t do these activities as effectively as they could. This means they may get there in the end, and get a steady base of regular clients and new ones, but the chances are they will need to spend more time on their marketing, and will take longer getting to a stable financial position in their business growth, because their time spent marketing will be less effective.

Our philosophy is that we want our consultants to spend their time as effectively as possible, so that they can maintain a good work-life balance as well as earning a good living, and part of that is honing marketing so that the time they spend on it is as impactful as it can be.

So we make sure that when they launch, new consultants know exactly what to do and how to do it. They understand exactly what works and what doesn’t; they know how to do the things they need to do; they know how to tie their marketing activities together to make them more effective, and they don’t spend time on things that we know won’t work.


If you’d like to hear more about setting up your own HR consultancy with our business and marketing guidance, do get in touch.