Learning from my mistakes

One of the main reasons I decided to franchise face2faceHR was because of all the mistakes I made. I didn’t make any more than anyone else does setting up their own business, but having seen the advantages of self-employment in terms of flexibility, control and work-life balance, I really wanted to be able to help other HR professionals benefit from those things, and to do so more quickly than I could.

Obviously it’s normal for any new business not to be profitable for quite a while. Part of that is about establishing yourself locally, getting known, getting those first few clients who can give you recommendations. But a lot of the reason I wasn’t profitable to start with was just about not knowing what to do, and getting things wrong through lack of experience or knowledge. And that’s common with most people setting up their own business.

I made loads of mistakes not knowing how best to market what I was doing, not knowing what marketing tools and initiatives would work for this type of business, and not knowing how best to do the ones that would work. I made mistakes not knowing how to package products and services in a way that small business owners would understand and buy them, and not knowing how to price what I was doing correctly. I experimented with different things to work out what was best, took lots of advice from experts, and got there in the end.

So one of the key benefits to working with face2faceHR is really the opportunity to benefit from my mistakes. Our consultants start from day one knowing exactly what to do about all of these things. That doesn’t mean they get every single thing absolutely perfect, but it does mean they have a fantastic headstart and don’t waste months of time and money in terms of investment or lost income reinventing the wheel and making the same or similar mistakes I did. This means they are more confident starting their business (which is a factor itself in terms of success!), and get to a stage where their business is both profitable and enjoyable much more quickly than I did.


If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR with bags of support, do get in touch.