Is owning a franchise for HR consultancy a sensible financial decision?

When you consider starting your own HR consultancy and perhaps investigate the option of acquiring a franchise, a key consideration is undoubtedly the financial aspect. Understanding how a franchise with face2faceHR can be a cost-effective choice is crucial.

1. Proven business model

One of the most significant financial advantages of a franchise is the access to a proven business model. Our model has been tested and refined over time, reducing the trial and error (and associated costs) that often come with starting a business from scratch. Certainly when I started face2faceHR by myself in 2008, there was a lot of trial and error, mistakes and false starts before I started making money!

All perfectly normal, but the efficiency of piggy-backing on my personal experience and our collective experience over the past 15 years can lead to faster profitability and reduced financial risk.

2. Economies of scale

As part of a franchise network, you benefit from economies of scale. Our buying power for marketing, technology, and other resources is typically much greater than what you could negotiate on your own. This means lower costs for essential services and supplies, translating into direct savings for your business.

3. Brand recognition

A well-established brand brings instant recognition and credibility, which can be expensive to build independently. Our brand presence can save you significant amounts of money and time in client acquisition efforts, whilst our reputation can lead to quicker client trust and loyalty, reducing the cost of marketing and customer acquisition.

4. Training and support

We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to new and long-serving consultants alike, which can be costly to obtain otherwise. This support helps you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that new business owners might make, potentially saving you substantial amounts of money in the long term.

5. Reduced research and development costs

As a franchisee, you have access to continuous research and development by the franchisor. This means you can offer the latest HR solutions and services without bearing the full cost of developing these innovations yourself. Staying competitive in the market without the hefty price tag of R&D is a significant financial advantage. Our consultants are out there doing what they do best, whilst I and my team research and develop new products for them to offer.

6. Resources all created for you

Our consultants all benefit hugely from the vast quantities of marketing materials we create for them; downloads, factsheets, social posts, templates, articles and mailshots. Imagine having to create all that yourself or pay someone else to do it. It would either take you away from revenue-generating activities or certainly cost much more outsources to someone else on an individual basis.

Similarly, our documents database contains hundreds of template contracts, policies, contract clauses, forms and letters. These are all kept up to date and increased all the time. Drafting these yourself, or paying for them elsewhere, would cost you more.

In summary, opting for a franchise with face2faceHR offers a multitude of financial benefits. From economies of scale and reduced startup risks to ongoing support and brand recognition, working with us can be a cost-effective pathway to owning your HR consultancy business. It’s not just about support and easing the stress of starting your own business, it’s a commercially sensible decision as well. offering a cost-effective, efficient, and supportive path to success. If you’d like to find out more download our prospectus and then get in touch for a chat.