HR updates to our consultants’ clients and contacts

Our consultants all work to a 6-point marketing model developed by us as being the best way to bring in a steady stream of small business clients. One of those 6 marketing tools is our successful newsletter, sent out to contacts and clients of consultants and anyone else who has signed up on our website.

Our newsletter has an incredibly high open and click rate compared to the norm in the industry. It’s written to be accessible and interesting for small business clients and contacts and is a successful part of our consultants’ marketing plans.

The newsletter is useful for existing clients as a tool for notifying them of developments in HR practice and employment law, however it really comes into its own as a marketing tool for new client development.

It helps our consultants become a known, familiar quantity in their area, and stay ‘visible’ to contacts and potential clients, so that when someone needs HR advice, it’s that consultant they go to rather than anyone else. It is written in an accessible, friendly tone, and provides updates which are relevant to small businesses in user-friendly language, and targeted in such a way as to demonstrate that consultants understand how legal changes or news items may affect their clients and potential clients.

It is sent out on consultants’ behalf using a proper mailshot tool allowing us to provide consultants with data about who has opened it and clicked on the various links, and is presented in an attractive branded format.

Writing it involves researching relevant news items or legal changes, sorting these and prioritising them to those we think are most interesting for small businesses, then writing about them, formatting it, adding in appropriate links to maximise effectiveness at engaging potential clients and then producing a report for consultants afterwards so that they can make the most of the data it provides.

All this is great, and it works, but it is very time consuming for someone to do on their own. It takes time that both we and our consultants would prefer they spend on client work or other marketing activities which they need to do in person. By including a personalised newsletter in the service we provide, our consultants reap the benefits of it without having to invest the time it would take them to achieve the same result individually, and at a fraction of the cost.

If you’d like to hear more about our newsletters or other marketing tools, do get in touch.