Developing new marketing collateral

One of the most important things to us in supporting the consultants working with us is to be responsive to their needs and requests. Although I spent several years doing what they are doing myself, it’s important to remember that our consultants are operating in different markets, and may have different strengths, may come across different HR issues or client demands. So even if what they are asking for isn’t something I needed or came across, we always try and provide it anyway, because we are here to support them.

One of the areas we try and continually develop what we offer and how we support franchise partners is marketing collateral. Understandably, the main concern of any and every HR professional we speak to about the prospect of becoming a self-employed consultant is the marketing side of things. So we do whatever we can to try and make marketing as easy and stress-free as possible, and one of the things that helps increase the confidence of our consultants when it comes to marketing is having the right marketing collateral to accompany marketing activities.

I managed without a lot of this when growing my own consultancy, but we want to make sure our consultants have everything they need, and as a result of various requests from them in the time we’ve been operating as a franchise opportunity, we’ve had a variety of new items in this area designed and developed for them to use when out meeting contacts or when visiting potential clients.

Our franchise partners all receive a banner for use at business exhibitions/fairs and other events and as many business cards as they need, and they also have brochures, presentations and other supporting items available to help them in their marketing. We keep these under review and if it becomes clear that something new would be useful, we take that into account.

The main thrust of what we are doing is trying to make sure consultants have everything they need to grow their business as quickly and successfully as possible in terms of tools, information, advice and support, and for us a really important part of this is not sitting on our laurels, but being continually responsive to our consultants’ needs and to how they are finding things ‘on the ground’ with their marketing activities.

If you’re interested in talking to us about becoming a partner with face2faceHR with bags of support, do get in touch.