Being out and about

I was in the car this morning, in the sunshine, and thinking that actually being out and about frequently is one of the things I really love about self-employment. Obviously some ‘employed’ jobs allow that too, but for HR professionals, much if not all their time will be spent in one office all day every day.

When I was working in-house, I used to love the days when I’d get to visit another office and since being self-employed I’ve obviously done lots of this. I do talk about the freedom of self-employment fairly frequently, and what I usually mean is things like freedom of decision making, direction of the business, when to schedule meetings, being able to work around family commitments, that type of thing.

But actually there’s also something about feeling physical freedom as well, and when I’m out and about, I do get a sense of that. It’s a feeling of freedom from the office environment and freedom from work demands, even only for an hour or so.

It’s also valuable thinking time, and removing oneself from the day to day office environment and having enforced time away from emails and phone calls and work product can really help the success of the business. Time spent thinking is giving you an opportunity to reflect on things, to plan, to come up with ideas and consider how they might work, to think about what developments in the business and in things that affect the business might occur in the coming months.

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