“Lorraine Canham is extremely well-organised whilst being flexible, calm and accommodating.”

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    face2faceHR Huntingdon and St Neots is managed by Lorraine Canham, an experienced HR professional with over 10 years in HR, and 20 years’ experience in commercial management across a range of sectors including biotech, education, manufacturing, oil and gas as well as SMEs.

    Lorraine’s unique blend of HR expertise and operational management experience provides her with valuable insight into the practical and commercial issues faced by small business owners. Her experience working with leaders during start-ups, restructures and mergers has enabled her to provide pragmatic, commercial HR solutions, particularly to SMEs without an established internal HR resource.

    Lorraine enjoys coaching and mentoring managers in people management, and has designed training solutions for managers on employee-related topics including performance management and capability. She is keen on ensuring managers get the best out of their teams through identifying proactive areas for improvement and providing support with training and skills development.

    Lorraine has practical experience in guiding managers through complex disciplinary and grievance situations, as well as a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing and providing support and guidance in all areas of absence management.

    Lorraine’s approach is pragmatic and she believes in building long-term relationships with her clients. She feels that understanding their business enables her to give her clients expert, tailored advice and find them practical, realistic solutions to their people challenges.

    “It is a pleasure to work together with Lorraine, who is not only reliable and wise but also inspiring. Broad-minded and very good professional, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. Well educated, dedicated and results-driven. Her education, experience and knowledge make her view solutions instead of problems.”

    Interim HR Director

    “Lorraine is extremely well-organised whilst being flexible, calm and accommodating. She pays attention to detail and at the same time can plan complicated scheduling which requires a broad understanding of multiple demands and priorities. She is an effective communicator and a great team member.”

    Network specialist / Training

    “Lorraine has a very professional approach to work and has used her organisational skill to significantly improve the running of the department. Having worked with Lorraine I would strongly recommend her to any ambitious company looking for a competent professional.”

    Process engineering and maintenance team leader

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    Lorraine Canham

    How can I help?

    HR consultant serving the Huntingdon and St Neots area, Lorraine offers a free HRCheckup service and HR support and advice for SMEs without internal HR resources.

    To find out more call Lorraine on:

    01480 598855


    07932 435054

    or email


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