The importance of personal engagement in your business

Personal engagement is one of those slightly woolly phrases that could mean different things depending on whose perspective you are hearing and in what context the phrase is being used.

I think personal engagement in their business and in the work they are doing is vital for our consultants, and what I mean by personal engagement in that context is as follows:

  • Positively embodying the values we’re all about in terms of our approach to clients and to business
  • Being committed and dedicated to their clients, to the growth of their own business and also to their own self-development
  • Approaching their business and their work with enthusiasm, passion and pride.

Sounds good, but why is it important?

Well the bottom line is that being personally engaged in your work in this way will make you more successful. The quality of your work and your credibility with clients will be enhanced. Long-term, meaningful, profitable relationships with clients will come more easily and will lead to regular income and more recommendations. Your marketing activities will be more successful as you will approach them in the best possible way, and your passion and authenticity will come across, attracting clients, potential clients and referrers to you.

The financial impact of being personally engaged in your business is clear. It’s also more important for our consultants than for some, because they are their business. Yes, they come under our brand, and work together with us and with each other, but to their clients and the people they meet, they personally are the business they are selling.

But also, don’t you think that personal engagement in the way I’ve described would make running your own business much more enjoyable and rewarding? Going it alone can be tough at times (and actually so can any work), so adopting a positive, engaged approach can be invaluable in terms of getting you through tough times and making the nice bits even more satisfying.


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