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Laura Cavaliere – Guildford

Are you a small business owner feeling overwhelmed by the difficulties of HR management?

Are you struggling with navigating the complexities of employment law because you don’t have the right HR guidance and support?

Are the constant people issues keeping you awake at night, wishing for a solution that allows you to focus on what you love most, growing your business?

Laura, who opened and ran a beautiful Maison de Charme in the South of Italy in her early twenties, and who is now an experienced HR Consultant, understands your challenges first hand!

Recognising the need for accessible and tailored HR solutions, Laura started face2faceHR Guildford to support entrepreneurs like you in overcoming HR challenges effectively.

In today’s competitive business landscape, your team is your greatest asset. However, managing HR concerns can feel like crossing a minefield. That’s where Laura’s expertise comes into play.

With a pragmatic approach she specialises in providing comprehensive HR guidance and support tailored to the unique needs of SMEs.

As your dedicated HR Consultant, Laura is committed to:

  • Creating clarity: establishing clear frameworks and expectations, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Facilitating conversations: guiding you through those tough conversations you’ve been avoiding.
  • Managing the niggles: taking the reins on day-to-day HR tasks, freeing you to focus on business growth.
  • Providing support: being your trusted sounding board in the sometimes-lonely journey of entrepreneurship.

Laura will focus on working with you to create a workplace where every member of your team thrives. Her number one aim is to transform HR challenges into opportunities for your business’ success.

Contact Laura to explore how, with her as your trusted HR Consultant, you can alleviate the headache of people issues, leaving you with the headspace and time to fully concentrate on the growth and success of your business.


To find out more about how Laura can support your business, call 07951 132267

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FREE HRCheckup

Not sure if your policies and procedures are up to date? Our HRCheckup service is for small and medium-sized businesses and is free to those without in-house HR support.

We’ll review all your current HR policies and procedures, provide a full written report and then discuss where your current documentation should be modified and suggest additional policies to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations at the very least, but also help you understand and address any HR vulnerabilities.

FACEforward: Empowering your people, elevating your business

FACEforward is a comprehensive HR audit for small and medium-sized businesses, aligning HR strategies with broader business objectives. We thoroughly assess current HR procedures to enhance business goals and engage with your workforce to understand organisational culture and employee sentiment.

Fixed fee packages

If you’re looking to control your costs and don’t want the worry of your bill going up every time you have a query, you could take advantage of one of our fixed fee packages.

Our first employee package is for new employers to ensure they have all the basics in place for the new staff member.

Our redundancy package is for small business owners needing to make fewer than 20 redundancies.

Visit our fixed fee package page for more information on the above:

FACEit HR support service

FACEit is our annual retained service, providing peace of mind and unlimited access to expert advice and support from a named consultant who will be with you from day one and throughout the length of your agreement. FACEit is provided on a per employee, per month fee structure, which makes it very affordable to even very small employers.

Learn more about our FACEit service or download the FACEit brochure here:

Ad hoc and projects

If FACEit isn’t what you need immediately but you have an urgent HR concern, we can deliver advice via our ad hoc service. Even if you’re not sure you have an issue or are worried something could develop into a problem, we can advise on any number of concerns that come with being an employer. You’ll have access to a named consultant and advice is charged at the consultant’s standard hourly rate.

We also offer a full consultancy service on a range of employment matters from undertaking a TUPE transfer to implementing an employee benefits package. This service can also be provided on an ad hoc basis but for more specific, time-dependant activities, a project-based quote will be prepared by a named consultant.

Check our ad hoc and projects page for more information on all things people management related:

Laura provides first class, proactive HR support for small businesses who don't have the need for an in-house HR function. She undertook a review of our existing contracts and gave some really useful feedback and improvements to implement. She also supported with new employee holiday queries. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend face2face HR Guildford to small businesses."

Luke Fletcher

We’ve been working with face2faceHR to draft employment agreements and policies and have had a great experience working with Laura! We look forward to working together again in the future. "

Nadine Freitag, BGL (Australia)

Laura guided us through a challenging situation. Her keen understanding of our culture and operational processes led to a commercially sound resolution that aligned with our vision. She expertly conveyed that implementing structure, policies, and procedures isn’t about fostering a corporate environment but rather a means to bring clarity to our working relationships. These frameworks empower our employees to excel and equip managers with tools for leading without conflict. Laura’s insights have shown us structure does not have to compromise our ethos and vision."

Tracy Cooper, Boos Music

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