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Employment Law

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employment law: our job is to keep you legal, and much much more

Employment law

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Managing an apprentice – seven ways to do it right

If you use apprenticeships in your business it’s important to make the most of them, and part of this is understanding how to manage your apprentices effectively. Many apprentices are very young, and lacking much/any experience of the workplace and it’s important to...

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Giving up employment rights for shares

Chancellor George Osborne has announced in a speech to the Conservative Party Conference that workers will be offered shares in their companies in return for giving up some of their employment rights. Osborne reckons this will create a “motivated and flexible...

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Employment law changes – what’s the deal?

There have been some announcements by the government recently about changes to some major elements of employment law, and I am regularly asked for clarification on what exactly might be involved. So here we go; a brief plain English summary of the proposals and some...

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Top ten employment law myths

With regular changes to legislation employers often get confused about what they can and can’t do. With that in mind, here are my Top Ten common myths about employment law. 1. It’s illegal to give a ‘bad’ reference As an employer your obligations are to be accurate...

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