I highly recommend face2faceHR who were very helpful and understood my needs. The responses to my never-ending queries were very efficient and relevant to my situation. I would not hesitate to use this company again and I am fortunate I found them as I was desperate for assistance.

As a consequence of recent redundancy proceedings, I had spent a significant amount of money on solicitor’s fees but was never completely satisfied with the advice given regarding my complex situation. Eleanor reviewed all the correspondence thoroughly and gave clear, confident guidance and assisted in drafting correspondence. She was always punctual in responding to queries and in hindsight steered me toward making the right decisions.

I highly recommend Eleanor’s services to anyone who needs advice regarding a potential redundancy. She is highly professional and obviously very experienced. I wish I had found out about face2faceHR sooner as some poor decisions had been made by myself and by my solicitor due to a partial understanding of the case.

Private Client