How a period of significant business change might affect the people working for you

Stuart Webb from The Complete Approach talks about the connection between employment and self-worth, and how to manage your wellbeing during change.

How does work affect your feelings of self-worth?

Maintaining your self-worth through changes at work (such as going through a TUPE transfer) can be a challenge. Often we tie occupation and income to self-worth in a big way. Employment gives a sense of purpose and meaning and it’s also a connection to other people and society.

Why Employment Situation Affects Self-Worth

Someone explained to me that having good self-esteem meant I could walk down the street as if I owned it, whereas having good self-worth meant I could walk down the street without regard to who owned it, I was where I needed to be…  When you find yourself not working or with work conditions which are changing, there are things you can do to maintain healthy self-worth.

Have Healthy Self-Esteem Regardless of Employment Situation

Know that all jobs matter. Society needs the full range of jobs to function. All jobs are important and your work, even looking after your home, is valuable.

Acknowledge your current employment situation. Your situation might be uncertain at the moment, but that’s your reality right now. Acknowledge the reality and the steps you need to take to change the things you can control.

Stop assessing and start asserting. You can gain new skills, find a new job, or recover from illness. If you’re permanently unable to work, you can change other parts of your life and change your thoughts about it.

Understand that knock-backs are normal. If you’re expecting the change to be plain sailing, you may be disappointed. Things change. Talk to people and ask for help. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is what someone with self-worth does, they seek out support.

Learn from the knock-backs. Learn something from every knock-back and use it to give you a better chance next time.

Take care of yourself. When things are changing, they can affect your wellbeing. It’s very easy to become depressed and it’s important to take care of yourself.

Look at the positives in your life. Your employment situation might not be great but it’s not your whole life. There are positives and it’s important to notice them. Practising gratitude can help with this.

While your employment situation might not be ideal and it might affect your self-esteem, it’s important to note that you are worthy despite it. You have the power to make positive changes and to maintain self-worth regardless of your employment situation.

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