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  • FACEit – what’s included

    FACEit is our HR support service, giving peace of mind and easy unlimited access to expert advice and support for small business owners on a budget. FACEit includes the following:


    One new contract or policy

    Following your HRCheckup you will be invited to identify one piece of employment documentation, usually a contract or a policy, to be produced tailored to your requirements.

    Contracts and policies kept up to date for you

    Once you’re a FACEit client you will no longer have to worry about legislation changes. Any employment contracts, policies or procedures that have been drafted by face2faceHR will be kept up to date for you as part of the FACEit service with amendments or rewrites at no additional charge.

    Your own named HR consultant

    We feel the personal touch is important. When you sign up for FACEit you will be given a named consultant who will build a one-to-one relationship with you and your business. You’ll also be given their telephone and mobile numbers.

    Telephone and email support when you need it

    Once you are signed up you will be able to make a limitless number of phone calls to your consultant and send as many emails as you need to asking for advice or support on any issue relating to people management. You don’t need to clock-watch and can relax knowing you have expert advice available whenever you need it.

    Quarterly review meetings

    As part of the FACEit package you will benefit from update meetings every quarter, arranged at a time that is convenient for you. The meetings allow you to discuss any issues you may have, allowing them to be dealt with much more quickly and effectively, before they become a problem. The update meetings also give you the opportunity to talk though ‘niggles’ that haven’t become serious enough to pick the phone.

    Regular email newsletters

    We will make sure you are updated with any changes to employment legislation and will let you know what impact the changes may have on your business.

    Letters drafted for you

    As well as telephone and email advice if you need letters to employees or template forms for your business we’ll draft those for you. You will no longer need to draft letters for disciplinaries and grievances, for example, or references, maternity leave letters, redundancy or other dismissal letters or any other correspondence relating to people management. Or if you need a basic template form for something, we’ll provide it.

    On site time

    As well as the standard quarterly update meetings with FACEit you can also access additional hours of on-site time to be used whenever you want and for whatever you want. Many clients use this time for assistance with disciplinary or grievance hearings, for redundancy consultations or flexible working meetings, but it’s entirely up to you.


    With FACEit you will be able to cope with any employment issues that come your way, but at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time member of staff

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