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HR contracts & policies – helping you make the most of your business.

Whatever the size of your business, when it comes to employment documentation, you have legal obligations.

Good HR policies will give you peace of mind. When faced with any situation you’ll know that you have a procedure to follow and guidance documentation to help you. You can relax knowing you can handle the situation appropriately and legally.

We can create employment contracts, HR policies and employee handbooks tailored for your organisation. We’ll ensure they reflect the profile of your workforce, your most important issues and ensure your legal obligations are met.

tailored employment contracts and HR policies for your business


face2faceHR can produce tailored employment contracts and HR policies for your business.

Most common problems with employment contracts

In the course of our work we obviously read lots of different contracts of employment being used by a variety of organisations. These vary widely in quality and appropriateness, and we come across a range of different issues with them. Sometimes an organisation knows...

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Getting a contract drafted

Once you understand that your business needs a decent contract of employment the next stage is obviously to source one that meets your needs. So what are the options? Free templates In the Google world we now live in it’s perfectly possible to get free templates for...

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Contract of employment – what should you include?

As a minimum legal requirement you must issue employees with a written ‘statement of particulars’ containing information about some of the main terms of employment as follows: name and employer’s name job title or a brief job description date when your employment...

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